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Rating: 6
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16. August 2016

Rating: 9
Thought it <a href="">wo'dlnut</a> to give it a shot. I was right.
16. August 2016

Rating: 9
New York marathon är fantistaskt. Jag håller tummarna för att loppet blir av och att du (&amp; alla andra) kan komma till start och få en fantastisk upplevelse. /Anette
16. August 2016

Rating: 6
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14. May 2016

Rating: 5
When the sack of shit is able to dupe the likes of Brian Williams into believing that he is anything but a fucking con man, it&#39;s no wonder that he is still likable by 60 percent of the <a href="">diadeholds</a> who responded in a poll.
13. May 2016

Rating: 6
Ever since the site updates I&#39;ve been having loads of problems with uploading vids. Wh;#3t&9as going on? The site was working great before. These changes seem to be a step backwards. And like everyone else I have to add please returns the total views count to the homepage, Lou :) [url=]iapvjqgg[/url] [link=]ioiqhm[/link]
11. May 2016

Rating: 1
skriver:jacqueln <a href="">br#;ton&a8230nMay</a> I simply say what a comfort to find an individual who really knows what they are talking about over the internet. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people must check this out and understand this&#8230;
10. May 2016

Rating: 8
Derek- I now get it!!! :):) Since I am a single guy, with no experience with little babies and toddlers, I imaelimtedy assumed the wrong connotation when I saw the word "nursing". I hope Jr got himself a full stomach,and had himself a happy, contended nap after that "nursing" session.
09. May 2016

Rating: 7
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23. October 2014

Rating: 8
I think those idiots<a href=""> wnritig</a> about the browns being the saviors of teh GOP and thus the nation, ought to look at the stats of browns on welfare, browns having babies out of wedlock.Catholic in name only. They baptize their kids, they go to Mass on Christmas Eve (some years) but this notion that browns are religious is a bunch of crap. That began happening years ago in places like CA.Look in any local paper that still lists births at their local hospital and you'll see the babies born to non-wed mothers.And someone thinks the message of hard work, being a small business owner, family function, etc. is going to appeal to this huge demographic?To get a sense of the behavior of this growing class, go to any Food 4 Less.Look, white trash has grown right along with black and brown trash.The demographic that is killing the country is one that simply finds a way not to work since they see that there's a way to get a check, free health care and all the goodies w/out working, and knowing this, they don't give a damn about doing well in school either.Someone needs to make THAT the demographic that is the enemy: forget race. Go after the "I'll be happy getting my disability or welfare check and food stamps" crowd. The girls who don't mind if the baby is out of wedlock and the guy who screwed her and doesn't pay for rearing the kid but makes you have fewer kids in order to pay for his.We have to have at least one damn politician who'll talk aloud about this NOW. We need a young, perhaps less red-in-the-face-he-gets-talking Pat Buchanan.You know, for all the grief the social conservatives have caused the party and for all the fun the rest of us have at their expense, their "values"--have some manners, get married, have kids, take care of them, don't screw around,take care of your family and home and donate time to your community--these are indeed what make a country functional, yet they are the ones people who come here attack.
20. October 2014

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